Good-bye, my dear friends.

Narita-sans infoshop in Shinjuku became like a second home to me in the last few weeks. I met him for the first time three months ago, during the shooting for RADIOACTIVISTS. But he, and his shop, and the people there, became such good friends… I took some pictures the last time I went there:

Shimokitazawa – Tokyo’s hub of alternative youth culture – to be loved.

Not that much, same same, but as good as ever.

Fussa is the part of Tokyo where you can find the American military base. Strolling around in that area feels quite weird, not exactly like Tokyo. The area is truly americanized, with donut and icecream shops, antique book shops and old western furniture sellers. Being in Tokyo, you constantly feel the American influence, but it’s nowhere more obvious than here maybe. Still, it’s a big accumulation of cliches, and the fact that the Fussa people held a traditional Japanese festival on the exact same day I went there, made this trip all in all really bizarre…

Tomboy Tam and tomboy Julia spent their last day together in Tokyo painting their nails and listening to girly music – and the rain. Which was nice. I’ll miss you so much, Tam, you’ve been a great friend. Don’t forget me, and visit me soon.

Sincerely yours, J.

Last days in Tokyo… A few days ago I decided to take a train right to the western edge of the metropolis. It took me one and a half hours to finally reach the terminus of that line, but what I found was just beautiful. Green hills, mountain rivers, bamboo forests. That’s how the city ends. Yes, even one of the biggest cities of the world has its limits.

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