I met Suse in Kōenji (yes, again) yesterday, and it was really nice. We went exploring for about an hour, and had a wonderful vegetarian lunch after that. And we found some cool second hand-shops (but didn’t buy anything).

Funny. It’s called ‘Nachtigall’. And wow, look at those two guys, aren’t they just awesome?

Finally, the Café Mone, a very small place with very good food:

We finished with cake, coffee and cigarettes and took the train to Kawagoe, an old city near Tokyo, which held the Kawagoe Matsuri last weekend, a festival within the old part of the city, presenting huge floats with (traditional) actors and musicians on it, a lot of lanterns and – of course – food.

Well and I’m glad I did something ‘typical Japanese’ after all…

Just kidding! Thanks for reading.