So this post is a bit overdue since we went for shopping in Shimokitazawa nearly two weeks ago.

Shimokitazawa is a district quite on the edge of Tokyo. There is no particular ‘sightseeing’ except for the relaxing atmosphere. It is apparently most famous for its nightlife, since it is full of clubs and small live music venues, but I haven’t checked that yet… You’ll also find heaps and heaps of unique second-hand and cheap clothing stores, which makes the area popular for students and young people.

Damien - a bit sad that he hasn't got any money to spend...

Chloé and umbrella

I like the shirt he's wearing

What exactly is Euro vintage?

Hanging out in Café Gopal

Homemade caramel-banana cake, yumm

Shopping in Shimokita is a lot of fun. And most of the places are so cheap, quite unusual for Tokyo in general… We all made some bargains that day. And look what I got:

This nice second-hand handbag! Fancy, huh?