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I’ve noticed that I recently just posted about ‘alternative’ areas in Tokyo, which of course are much more interesting than most parts here, but I don’t want to give the wrong impression. So today I try to catch up a bit on Tokyo ‘reality’.

Nishi-Shinjuku (西新宿), the west part of the so called ‘heart of Tokyo’, is maybe just five minutes from where I stay (per bicycle). As the major commercial and administrative center it accomodates the impressive Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and the biggest and busiest train station of Japan, Shinjuku Station, which transports up to 3,5 million people every f**king day.

Arriving on this station on my first day in Tokyo (quite a couple of weeks ago now) was quite overwhelming. It striked me that I never wanted to be part of that system. Thousands of people in black suits/white shirts, bustling, running, out of the station (which exit? which exit?) into a surreal landscape of concrete and glass, working.

Every day the same. No, thanks.