I spent another Sunday with Suse. We went to Asakusa, wandered around and had a short look at the crowded Sensō-ji.

Onsen! Actually my first time here… (shame on me). But oh it’s so cool, felt clean and super-relaxed after it. And the chat with the old Japanese ladies in the hot bath was fun.

Going to Kōenji (yeah). Changing in Akihabara.

Yummy dinner at Meu Nota, an organic restaurant with a really cosy interior and of course amazing food (Tofu-Tomato-Mushroom Bolognese, Seasonal Curry with Brown Rice, Chickpea Hummus with Pita Bread, oh yes.)

Ok, this is sooo funny. Suse left her cigarettes outside on the pavement before we had dinner. And – surprise surprise – there were still there after almost one and a half hours… What the? Doesn’t even anybody steal some cigarettes in Tokyo? Come on guys…

We Want Wine playing at Club Roots. We were late (in fact the band was early), so we missed most of it. But I thought it was good anyway.

By the way, Happy Halloween.