Nakameguro Station: those lines and arrows show you where to wait in line for the arriving train

Damien being happy...

A new load of vending machines for Nakameguro

The riverside

The river... Can you see those guys in red? They're cleaning the banks

An hairdresser waiting for early customers

One of the best examples of gentrification in Tokyo is Nakameguro, a small area south of Shibuya. Well-known for its little restaurants and cafés along the riverside, as well as for its back-streets filled with retro and chique vintage clothing shops, it was once a busy industrial area. But after governmental efforts since the 80s to clean up and revive the area, young entrepreneurs and designers decided to take advantage of the convenient location and the low rents. Nakameguro has been picking up commercially since then, gaining attention from Tokyos hippest art and design scene.