Today’s post is about graffiti in Tokyo, which is weird topic, since for Tokyo being one of the major metropoles of our contempory world, you won’t find a lot of – what I think makes a major feature of big and lively cities – graffitis. But Anti-Graffiti-Laws are quite repressive in Japan and new graffitis will usually be removed and cleaned away instantly. This is why you find most of the walls and free spaces in Tokyo like this:

But I feel that graffitis and stickers in Tokyo seize small free spots a lot, such as lamp posts, signpost or electric meters, like here:

Funny, isn’t it?

Anyway, today I went along the Yamanote Line tracks from Shinjuku to Ebisu, and apparently I discovered one of the hot spots for graffiti in Tokyo, full size, on walls and everything. Having not seen real big-size graffitis for over 2 months now, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. So have a look at these:

It says 'Godzilla' in Katakana, funny eh?

Doesn’t the city look so much better with them? I think the last two are my favourites, but I will definitely look for more…