A couple of months ago I wrote a post on the Radioactivists’ blog about the reception of the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japanese art.

Right now there’s another exhibition in the Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo, which shows various installations and, again, the ‘atomic popculture collection’ by Illcommonz, who became the main figure regarding art and activism post-3/11 in Japan, I’d say.

Within this exhibition (called ATOMIC SITE) Clarissa and me have been asked to show our documentary ‘Radioactivists’, as Japan premiere, and we got great responses so far… The exhibition ends on August 7th, that’s also the date of our last screening here in Tokyo. The next day, I’ll be going back to Germany.

Here are some pictures I took during the last two weeks; I’ve also been filming a little, and I plan to make a very short documentary about this exhibition, but that will take a while I guess. But I’ll upload it as soon as I’ll finish, so stay tuned!