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Last days in Tokyo… A few days ago I decided to take a train right to the western edge of the metropolis. It took me one and a half hours to finally reach the terminus of that line, but what I found was just beautiful. Green hills, mountain rivers, bamboo forests. That’s how the city ends. Yes, even one of the biggest cities of the world has its limits.

Hong Kong turned out to be urban research/photographers-paradise. And here, especially in the area of Kowloon, where I stayed, I found all those things I miss in Tokyo, like the dirt, the smell, the chaos, people who cross red lights, creepy people, hawkers, crime, rubbish bins and real public parks.

This city doesn’t seem to hide its (some see it as) negative aspects and problems, like Tokyo usually does. Hong Kong turned out to be so diverse, so densely packed with different people, stories, architectural and historical contrasts, and neon lights en masse, that one is forced to think of Blade Runner at all times while moving around the city.

Hong Kong proudly accomodates all kind of improprieties, mess and chaos. I felt so comfortable. And I will come back soon.

Hyper-density and multi-layered-ness.

And among those millions of people in this city, what is everybody doing eating thinking experiencing buying selling working on playing with believing in worrying about, just now, this second?


Skyscraping skyscrapers.

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